Interview with Beijing Women's Federation President增强使命意识,建设美丽北京 —— 专访北京市妇联主席赵津芳

April 7, 2013
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  I always believe it is not simply my job to get involved in women's issues; rather, I consider it my lifelong responsibility to help support and promote the development of women's undertakings," says Zhao Jinfang, President of Beijing Women's Federation. “我始终觉得,妇女工作不仅仅是一份职业,而是一份事业,要怀着很强的责任感承担起这份事业。” Zhao Jinfang was a deputy to the 17th and 18th CPC (Communist Party of China) National Congresses. She has worked in organs of the Communist Youth League, and the government's departments responsible for foreign trade, civil affairs and promotion of cultural and ideological progress. During the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, Zhao was appointed head of the Green Home Media Village. When the celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was held in 2009, Zhao was chief commander of the No. 2 command post at the people's parade. Zhao says it has been an honor to participate in many "grand, happy events" that have taken place in China during her six years with the Beijing Women's Federation. Being the federation's president has meant shouldering great responsibilities, she adds. During the 18th CPC National Congress, in November 2012, Zhao, as a deputy, proposed that protecting women's rights should be based on China's basic State policy on gender equality. When it comes to protecting women's rights, she suggested it is not enough to simply address specific issues in petitions or in anti-domestic violence campaigns; instead, efforts must be made to ensure the overall improvement of women's status in their families, politics and society. As 2012 drew to a close, Women of China interviewed Zhao to discuss Beijing Women's Federation's major achievements in the past six years and the goals that have been set for of 2013. The following is that interview, in question-and-answer format: Women of China (WOC): Would you please outline Beijing Women's Federation's major achievements in recent years?

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