• Chinese Leaders Praise National Moral ModelsPresident Xi Jinping has commended national role-models for demonstrating the positive spirit of the nation in a written instruction.
  • Mom, Pregnant with Twins, Honored for Saving Drowning ChildPeng Weiping, pregnant with twins, saved a baby girl from drowning, but consequently suffered a heartbreaking personal loss. Besides other honors, she received the title of National Moral Model last week.
  • Life is But a DreamWu Qingqin and her husband Chen Ruhao have been honored as model citizens for nearly two decades of dedication to caring for their comatose son, Chen Wenliang.
The selection of national moral models has been held biennially since 2007, with the aim of bringing into play the leading role of inspiring individuals, mobilizing the public to participate in moral practices, and further increase the levels of good social morality. In this webpage, Women of China presents information about the award and the stories of the females who were granted the accolade this year.
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