Yi People Enjoy Widespread Fame for Embroidery

 February 27, 2018
The Sani women sing and dance in traditional costumes. [Xinhua/Li Rong]


A Sani ethnic village in Shilin County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, has enjoyed widespread fame for its embroidery products for many years.

The Sani people are a branch of the Yi ethnic group. They are noted for their talent and uniqueness in handicraft-making skills.

In particular, their traditional costumes have a reputation as exquisite pieces of art.

Due to their love for embroidery, the Sani people wear distinct clothing characterized by colorful headgears and dresses.

Men usually wear shirts and waistcoats made by cotton and linen, paired with loose trousers and belts in colors of blue or red.

Women wear some of the most colorful and heavily embroidered clothes in China, often with seven colors of silk lined up in a rainbow pattern.

The Sani women wear half-circled headgear studded with lines of silver hollow beads on the brim. Unmarried women insert two butterfly-shaped decorative plates on their hat over their ears, while married women wear just one on the hat.

Children wear a velvet hat shaped as a tiger, which is studded with silver beads with two strings of tiny bells. When people go out, they take home-made patterned linen bags with them.

Decorated with woolen tassels and silver bells, the bags jingle while they are walking.

The Sani embroidery was added to the list of national intangible cultural heritages by the State Council in June 2008.

The patterns on Sani embroideries often reflect the surrounding natural environment, including plants, animals, celestial bodies, farming scenes and buildings.


The Sani seniors wear traditional costumes. [Xinhua/Zeng Ruifeng]
The Sani women embroider with the company of children. [Xinhua/Chen Ziping]
The Sani women embroider in traditional costumes. [Xinhua/Wang Limei]


(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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