Reform Initiatives Enhance Grassroots Services in E China's Zhejiang

October 17, 2017
By Lu Lanzhou and Zhong LanhuaEditor: Rong Chen
Members of a village team in Shengzhou make a collective oath to 'Act in line with core socialist values and organize volunteer services'. [China Women's News]


Grassroots women's federations near Shengzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, have carried out two major reform initiatives to enhance the services they provide to the city's households.

The first initiative was to replace women's representative conferences at village level with women's federations, while the second involves combining the efforts of local villages' female volunteer teams.

The reform is in line with the keynote remarks of President Xi Jinping who stressed the importance of enhancing the politically advanced nature of serving people among mass organizations, said Zhao Pinyue, president of Shengzhou Women's Federation.

We hope the newly-established federations and the voluntary services will make grassroots organizations' work meets the requirements of the Party and the people, Zhao added.

Nowadays, Shengzhou has completed the replacement work among its 480 sub-villages, electing a total of 2,811 members to local executive committees.

Meanwhile, the city has involved 10,658 female volunteer villagers into 505 such teams.

Many capable women, who have been elected as executive committee members at local federations, have contributed continuous efforts in improving services and enhancing their work vigor at the grassroots level.

Grassroots Women's Federation Initiatives

In the village of Zhangjiatian, officials have led villagers to launch home-stay businesses in order to accommodate tourists who are attracted by the large area of rice terraces.

The organization has also assisted women in finding jobs in the processing industry, increasing their daily income by 60-70 yuan (U.S.$ 9-11) each.

In Wangshu Village, near Xianyan Town, officials and volunteers take turns to patrol at night and often spread anti-fraud knowledge among households.

Residents in the village of Dongwang enjoy their daily voluntary activities and often organize cultural gatherings for opera and dance performances.

Female Villagers' Voluntary Team

Officials in 2013 organized the first volunteer team in the town of Xiawang to improve local living conditions, for example, through eco-friendly projects, security and service initiatives among households.

In the village of Dongwang, a total of 65 female volunteers are in charge of six service teams which carry out rights protection, entrepreneurship projects, and cultural activities. They have jointly promoted initiatives on public service and rural civilization among neighborhoods.

In the village of Yashen, officials issue job tasks via the instant-messaging app WeChat among local 37 volunteers, of whom the eldest is 74.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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