Local Women's Federation Teaches Villagers Spirits of 19th CPC National Congress

October 25, 2017
Editor: Yang Yang
Xinjiang Women's Federation launched an activity among locals recently to publicize the spirits of the landmark 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). [Women's Voice] 


Xinjiang Women's Federation launched an activity among locals recently to publicize the spirits of the landmark 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Hou Hanmin, Party secretary and vice-president of the federation in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, visited on the morning of October 20 at the cornfield of local resident Ayinuer Maimatiyexun.

There, along with other officials, working staff and villagers, Hou publicized the spirits of the 19th National Congress and helped Ayinuer with the harvest. 

Ayinuer, who is a member of a low-income household of Qunbusi Village in the local Kashgar Prefecture, hadn't finished harvesting the crops due to the lack of labor force. 

With the help of the women's federation workers and other villagers, the harvest was quickly completed. Seeing the well-packed corns, Ayinuer expressed his deep thanks to the Party and local federation.

Hou spoke sincerely with simple language of the work report of the CPC congress to villagers based on the current situation of rural areas in southern Xinjiang. 

Hou said that the congress is an important meeting, held in a crucial period of building socialism with Chinese characteristics and a decisive stage of building a well-off society in an all-round development. 

"Although we are far away from Beijing, we can always feel the care for us from the Party central committee," remarked the official. 

Another villager said, "The central government has exempted us from kindergarten tuition fees, and provide free lunch and accommodation for those at primary schools. We are looking forward to enjoying more benefits from the Party's policies."

"As more people have moved into modern houses, and now that medical expenses can be reimbursed, I realize the prosperity of the nation and the greatness of the Party", said elderly villager Kader Simayi.

The same day, members of the federation also visited a local farmyard, inviting over 100 village cadres, working staff and representatives to study Xi Jinping's report to the CPC congress. 

Adalaiti Setaer, a cadre of the women's federation, organized a themed lecture on the report at the local evening school for people in their 30s and younger.

Trainee Aimaiti Tuerxun said, "Mandarin is so important that I insist on studying the language every day at evening school. The convening of the national congress will enact more beneficial policies and we must work hard and make changes for our lives."



(Source: Women's Voice / Translated and edited by Gender Study Network)

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