N China City Prioritizes Development of Children's Activity Centers

November 29, 2017天津市
By Women of ChinaEditor: Hewater Liu

The women's federation in north China's Tianjin has pressed ahead with the development of children's service centers across the city in recent years as a way to improve the life of local youngsters and inspire parents.

Using local resources, Tianjin Women's Federation has, since 2013, championed the setting up of more than 200 Children's Home activity centers per year.

Its 1,000th such center was officially inaugurated at a residential community in the district of Wuqing on November 21.

Chen Xiaoxia, director-general of the Family and Children's Affairs Department of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), attended the ceremony to open the center. She talked with participants about the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the reform of women's federations, and the work to guide family education.

Tianjin Women's Federation often invites many professional figures to give lectures on how to better conduct family education, further deepen the competence of relevant practitioners, and meet the public's needs concerning the issue in their daily life.

Apart from promoting parent-child reading initiatives, preschool education has been carried out in 10 Children's Homes in a pilot scheme to spread scientific concept about nursing infants, elevate the functions played by residential communities in providing their services, and explore an efficient and sustainable way to advance family education.

Meanwhile, equal efforts have been given to care for local rural “left-behind” children whose parents have left them at home to find better-paying jobs in cities and their peers from migrant families.

For instance, the city has established six service centers, where left-behind children access various interest-oriented classes and lectures on how to avoid danger and offer first aid in case of an emergency.

Moreover, migrant children and their parents have been invited via the Dandelion Charity Initiative to visit local universities, museums, and other public places, with an aim of helping them learn about Tianjin's history and culture and expand their horizons.

So far, about 100,000 migrant families have benefited from the program.

(Women of China)

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