Local Women's Federations Active in Family Mediation in N China

September 1, 2016
Editor: Gretchen Zhou

Wang Weiqing (C), president of Shanxi Women's Federation, talks to a woman. [SX.wenming.cn]


The Shanxi Women's Federation continues to send mediators to resolve local family disputes as statistics show during the first five months of 2016, and some 2,192 out of 2,768 conflicts were solved among the 4 million families investigated across the province.

The issues include domestic violence, property division after divorce, love affairs and neighborhood disputes.

Some 19,902 mediators work across the province using various approaches as they take active measures and methods to solve problems.

Jiade Village, where neighborhood disputes take place frequently, has a number of migrant and low-paid women.

After helping with mediation work for 50 years, Li Lijuan, vice-director of the village, has acquired deep experience. She set up a women's rights protection center with a mediation team named "The Seven Aunts" that become quite famous locally. Each of the seven middle-aged women takes charge of two residential quarters, where people often look to them about daily issues including protection of women's rights and women's entrepreneurship.

Li said without professional mediation in small neighborhood matters, the issues are difficult to resolve.

With the help of the local justice bureau, the women's federation in the city of Datong has set up a municipal family and marriage mediation center where officials and experts provide consulting services and outline relevant laws and regulations.

The city of Yangquan recruited 50 family and marriage counselors, psychological counselors and therapists for the municipal mental health guidance office. In addition, they established committees and a joint congress system to resolve family and marriage disputes.

The women's federation in the city of Jinzhong innovated by combining its work with Internet management, greatly improving work efficiency.

Among the 7,211 blocks in Jinzhong, 6,500 are serviced online, some 90 percent of the total. The federation says it is flexible and clear in its work, especially when it comes to deputes or issues on census registration and civil files. They often go from family to family and resolve disputes drawn to their attention.

To date 262 domestic abuse cases and 675 family disputes were mediated by Internet-based block managers, and 243 petition letters for women have been sent. They also trained 150,000 women in work skills and helped 3,320 families get involved in businesses.

The innovations in Jinzhong won a prize from the provincial women's federation, and their experiences have been shared with other towns.

(Source:China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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