N China Women's Federation Promotes Rural Poverty-alleviation Programs

September 28, 2017
By China Women's NewsEditor: Penny Huang
N China Women's Federation Promotes Rural Poverty-alleviation Programs
Hebei Women's Federation launches a professional training session in Shijiazhuang. [hebnews.cn]


Hebei Women's Federation in the province in north China has comprehensively promoted poverty-alleviation programs in recent years, benefiting a large number of rural women in terms of entrepreneurship and employment.

Focusing on modern agriculture, handcrafts in households, rural tourism and domestic service since 2016, women's federations at every level across the province have so far launched 2,418 training sessions for some 168,615 women.

They have also given out more than 100,000 related materials, which have assisted 12,924 women in their entrepreneurship and nearly 200,000 in their employment.

In August, the federation held a collaborative promotion conference in Zhangbei County to support extremely poverty-stricken counties together with women's federations in Beijing and Tianjin Municipality, helping early 50,000 needy women to shake off poverty.

For rural women, ideal living conditions would balance the provision of care for seniors and children with the opportunity for earning income.

In 2016, in response to the provincial government's idea of tourist development and meeting women's needs, the federation creatively proposed to combine handicrafts services with the tourism industry, guiding women to develop handmade souvenirs, tourism and online sale platforms for prosperity, making great achievements.

Regarding the fact that many rural women are good at embroidery, officials set up a big data platform to analyze production and the marketing of handicrafts to propose rational suggestions for women to increase their incomes.

For instance, Yan Guiwei is an embroidery expert who set up a handicrafts workshop and sold products online. Utilizing big data platforms, Yan rationalized her selling strategies and created more posts.

To further enhance women's professional skills and related knowledge, in May, Hebei Women's Federation initiated various training projects to precisely eliminate poverty in 10 of the most impoverished counties and cultivated 1,000 outstanding women to instruct others from the general population to increase their prosperity.

Via the training, Li Jiejing, a female resident from Nanshangtun Village, Laiyuan County, has shaken off poverty and annually earned 160,000 yuan (U.S.$ 24,316). She nowadays had her own farm and assisted 50 local needy families to increase their income.

In August, at a conference to promote assistance in extremely impoverished counties in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, local women's federations assigned support contracts.

Specifically, regarding employment, entrepreneurship and targeted poverty elimination, women's federations in Beijing and Tianjin will help needy women in Hebei to launch professional trainings and the export labor services, and promote industrial development in aspects such as breeding, agricultural processing, household handicrafts and folk tourism.

In recent two years, Hebei Women's Federation has promoted some 260 support programs in multiple sectors collaborating with women's federations in Tianjin and Beijing

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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