Hubei Female Entrepreneurs Flourish in 'Internet Plus' Era

August 7, 2015
Editor: Eileen Cheng

A raft of female entrepreneurs are emerging and flourishing in central China's Hubei Province, with the help of the local women's federations and the great opportunities brought about by the "Internet Plus" era.

"Internet Plus" is the Chinese government's campaign that aims to integrate online and traditional industries whilst encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation. Its fruits of e-commerce and various other forms of Internet services have greatly changed people's lives.

Huang Yinhua, president of Wuhan Sunshine Vocational School, in the province's capital, has embraced the "Internet Plus" era by marketing her organization offline and through digital platforms such as the social media app WeChat. She also works to promote and enhance e-commerce education among women, so as to help them master the skills of online transaction. So far, 1000 impoverished women have found jobs, thanks to her school's training.

In addition, Huang vows to set up an "'Internet Plus' Start-ups and Employment Promotion Model", in cooperation with women's federations at different levels. She will train more e-commerce teachers around the province and strive for more job opportunities and resources from big enterprises in the hope of facilitating start-ups from more women, especially those who come from poorer economic backgrounds.

Xu Xiaolan, president of the Hubei Folk Arts Technician Institute, established a women's employment center in the institute, with the help of the local Jinzhou Women's Federation. Through online lectures and face-to-face training, over 1,800 women in the city have learned and improved their skills in folk crafts. Now, the annual income of women entrepreneurs who have benefited from the project averages over 50,000 yuan (U.S. $8,050).

Xiong Ying, manager of a housekeeping service company, is trying to set up a household nursing platform by virtue of the network of women's federations. "Traditional housekeeping service companies are often unorganized and can't respond instantly to market demands. We must use information technologies to improve the industry," she said.

Having made great efforts to promote women's start-ups and employment, Hubei Women's Federation also plans to offer funds for women entrepreneurs to strengthen and help expand their start-ups. "We are working to ensure that women entrepreneurs can enjoy favorable policies in the same way as men and equally share the fruits of reform and development," said an official of the federation.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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