S China Women's Federations Take Steps to Promote Gender Equality

April 20, 2017
By China Women's NewsEditor: Penny Huang
(ing)S China Women’s Federations Take Steps to Promote Gender Equality

Wang Gebing, president of Guangxi Women's Federation, gives a lecture to publicize the basic state policy on gender equality. [Women Voice]


Women's federations at every level in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have taken many steps in recent years to promote and publicize gender equality.

Publicizing Basic State Policy of Gender Equality

Guangxi Women's Federation has actively promoted the establishment of a consulting and evaluation mechanism on gender equality; added gender concepts to the content of related programs, plans, policies and regulations; and, publicized the basic State policy of gender equality into related training courses in Party schools and institutions for officials at all levels.

These moves aimed to strengthen leaders' and officials' gender consciousness and the analytical ability of pubic policies from the perspective of gender.

Also, women's federations in Guangxi have launched 11,800 activities in five years to promote positive female role models and gender equality.

In addition, officials established a team to increase awareness of the basic State policy on gender equality and have constantly increased their number of trainers.

Promoting Positive Gender Culture to Mainstream Media

As organized by Liuzhou Municipal Publicity Department and the municipal women's federation, on April 6 Wang Gebing, president of Guangxi Women's Federation, delivered a lecture on the theme of "Establishing Public Opinion Platforms on Advanced Gender Culture" at Liuzhou Daily Newspaper offices. She encouraged media practitioners to take responsibility for conveying positive gender norms and influencing public opinion.

Carrying Forward Positive Gender Culture

Currently, female roles in TV series, news reports and other media in China still face stereotypes, say experts.

For example, the recent TV series In the Name of People was widely commended for its reflection on the fight against corruption. However, gender stereotypes such as the femme fatale, "leftover women" and career women without a happy marriage, were still represented on screen and made many uncomfortable.

Shen Yifei, director of Family Study Research Institute in Fudan University, said since a large number of directors and scriptwriters have no gender consciousness, more publicity is needed to raise the public's gender norms.

To address the issue, Kong Xianling, vice-president of Guangxi Women's Federation, recently led officials to visit related departments, thoroughly communicating with the directors on various themes such as "Strengthening the Publicity of Basic State Policy on Gender Equality and Carrying Forward Positive Gender Culture".

Specifically, officials in the federation analyzed the existing gender bias in current media representations and news reporting and reached an agreement on how to reinforce the publicity of the basic state policy of gender equality with the publicity department of the provincial Party committee.

During the discussion with Guangxi Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television, both sides clarified their position to promote mainstream media organizations to enhance a positive view of gender culture and launch related training courses to raise media staff's gender consciousness.


(ing)S China Women’s Federations Take Steps to Promote Gender Equality

A poster of the recent TV series, In the Name of People [China Daily]


(ing)S China Women’s Federations Take Steps to Promote Gender Equality

An official from Guangxi Women's Federation gives a lecture to publicize the basic state policy on gender equality. [Women Voice]


 (Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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