Guangxi Conducts Conference to Spread Good Family Virtues

December 24, 2016
By Qin YihuiEditor: Sherry Song

Delegates at the conference. [Guangxi Women's Federation/Lei Xinrong]


A conference to promote civilized family traits and publicize the Most Beautiful Families campaign was held in Nanning, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on December 20.

The Guangxi Women's Federation, Party Committee Publicity Department of Guangxi and local Civilization Office jointly held the conference. The 110 attendees included local officials at all levels and delegates of award-winning civilized families.

At the conference, Wang Gebing, vice-president of Guangxi Women's Federation, shared the spirit of the first awards conference to honor model families across the nation, which was held on December 12, and made a special seminar on the topic of "advanced gender culture and the construction of civilized families".

Wang not only explained the conception and the important role of advanced gender culture, but also analyzed the influences and negative impact of gender inequality in family construction.

In addition, Wang urged officials to study the keynotes of President Xi Jinping's remarks at the previous awards conference, enhancing their sense of responsibility and mission in later work, and practicing socialist core values.

In order to promote socialist family civilization construction, Wang pointed out some key emphasis for later work, which urged officials to pay close attention to the effects of advanced gender culture on the construction of civilized families, further carry out the activity of Looking for the Most Beauty Families, strengthen services and establish family and marriage counseling offices.

The key points also included the improvement of family education guidance, which aimed to spread socialist core values to every family, the construction of incorruptible family traits and the integration of social resources to publicize the ongoing project.

Wang also proposed that the local Party Committee Publicity Department should make family civilization construction the general plan and target at all levels in the process of spiritual and civilization construction and guarantee its implementation with funding support.

Moreover, two delegates of the National Most Beautiful Family award winners Wang Fang, who is also the cofounder of a rehabilitation center, and policewoman Liang Weiqin shared their stories with attendees, which touched many people.

During the conference, officials also awarded 100 local Five-good Civilized Families and 100 local Most Beautiful Families.

Officials also conferred every city with a book, Family Trait, which was jointly published by Guangxi Women's Federation, the Party Committee Publicity Department of Guangxi and local Civilization Office, aiming at carrying out President Xi Jinping's remarks to focus on family, family education and family virtues.

According to officials, local women's federations at all levels have conducted around 363,000 activities to promote good family virtues since 2014, and presented the Most Beautiful Family campaign over 200,000 times though various social media platforms, which attracted 2,600,000 people's online interactions. Aside from this, 200 families were honored as Guangxi's Most Beautiful Families and 37 families were praised as National Most Beautiful Families.

The activity of Looking for the Most Beautiful Families has already become a significant way to spread socialist core values across the region.


Wang Gebing, president of Guangxi Women's Federation, awards winners of the Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign. [Guangxi Women's Federation/Lei Xinrong]


Liu Yongmei, deputy director of the Party Committee Publicity Department of Guangxi, gives books to the local cities' delegates. [Guangxi Women's Federation/Lei Xinrong]


Liang Weiqin, policewoman and winner of Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign, shares her story with attendees. [Guangxi Women's Federation/Lei Xinrong]


Wang Fang, cofounder of a rehabilitation center and winner of the Looking for the Most Beautiful Family campaign, shares her story with attendees. [Guangxi Women's Federation/Lei Xinrong]


(Source: Guangxi Women's Federation/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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