Gilbert Elisabeth on 2015-05-31  ——France
There are many differences! 1) the most important is the sex of our children : we absolutely don't care as we think humanity needs the 50% of intelligence that women represent ! 2) consequently girls receive the same challenging education and opportunity ! 3) fathers are playing with children and take care of them (more and more of them to be true!) 4) balance between family and work is very very important (we keep two meals to gather and talk about our daily life . No excuse to come back home after 9pm. Work can wait for tomorrow no one is essential. 5) we practice lots activities in community (sport/ cultural activities such as drawing visiting museum cinema theater or opera.) we try to share our knowledge and pleaser even if the age of the children is very different 6) family means also grand-parents . We don't live altogether and they never interfere in our decision but we are here for each other and keep a close link for the benefit of all .