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Jane on 2015-11-03
My family is spread out around the country, but coming together during holidays and keeping up with phone calls is important to us.
Jessie on 2015-10-20
Communication with each other, calling often to check in and fill each other in on our lives. Trying to be understanding of each others perspectives before getting impatient or upset with their reactions or advice. I feel lucky that I can be open with my family and that they will love me unconditionally. I try not to take this for granted and to take care of them too. Being independent and following your heart is also important because it takes stress off of, and is an inspiration to each other.
Mike Whitt on 2015-10-16
My family is not a traditional one, and I would argue isn't happy or even remotely connected, but to answer the question, definitely civililized communication and the occasional visit help keep things smooth.
Eric on 2015-10-15
A positive environment. And there are myriad ways that is affected. I find that when everyone in our family has done a good job taking care of themselves, their a happier person. When we look at each other out of love and hear each other's stories out of love, we are able to create a more positive environment. And when we spend time with each other doing nothing in particular but enjoying each other's company we are creating a positive environment.
Earl on 2015-10-14
Communication is the key to a happy family. With proper communication many issues can be avoided.
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