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Jane on 2015-11-03
I think "family" means the people you grow up with and who mold you. While my parents and my sisters are a part of my family, I have two friends I've known since early childhood that I keep up with more like family than like friends. I rarely see my extended family, but their influence has been passed on to me from my immediate family. Whatever unit you consider long-lasting and influential to you is family in my book.
Jessie on 2015-10-20
People who love you no matter what, who make you feel safe, and who you can go to for support and to feel a sense of belonging and being at home.
Eric on 2015-10-15
Love, support, and resilience.
Carina on 2015-10-14
"Family" is a group of people that support each other in all ways. Family does not need to be related. I consider my family to be relatives and friends, and even communities that I belong to.
Tyler on 2015-10-14
Family to me means a group of people that you feel most comfortable around. Knowing that no matter where you go, they will love and support you and help you unconditionally as you would do for them. Family is who you can truly be yourself in front of and need not only be those your are biologically related to.
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