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Jane on 2015-11-03
I think the concept of family is very different between different people, but I'm not sure on exact differences in the countries. In the States we encourage independence, but I think in China kids move to cities or abroad more often than American youth. I think in the States it is more acceptable to talk about close friends as family members, or have alternative family situations.
Rom on 2015-06-09
In my country, the children leave home at an earlier age and are encouraged to be independent. By the time they are at university they might only see their parents a few times a year. Some parents even welcome the time off, and embrace new hobbies and interests. In China, families stay together for longer and remain very close, even as the children become adults. I think there is a stronger bond between generations.
Seth on 2015-06-08
In China, there definitely seems to be a much tighter emphasis put on family (this is to say that the cultural expectations for the roles that families play in each other's lives are much higher). By contrast, Canadians are less family-oriented (particularly in bigger cities) and tend be more individualistic, which is indeed supported by family members (for the most part).
Gilbert Elisabeth on 2015-05-31
There are many differences! 1) the most important is the sex of our children : we absolutely don't care as we think humanity needs the 50% of intelligence that women represent ! 2) consequently girls receive the same challenging education and opportunity ! 3) fathers are playing with children and take care of them (more and more of them to be true!) 4) balance between family and work is very very important (we keep two meals to gather and talk about our daily life . No excuse to come back home after 9pm. Work can wait for tomorrow no one is essential. 5) we practice lots activities in community (sport/ cultural activities such as drawing visiting museum cinema theater or opera.) we try to share our knowledge and pleaser even if the age of the children is very different 6) family means also grand-parents . We don't live altogether and they never interfere in our decision but we are here for each other and keep a close link for the benefit of all .
Pat Saison on 2015-05-30
Family is strength of China and backbone of Chinese. Americans are individualistic, and only view nuclear family as important. Americans do not take as good care of elderly, they accept abandonment of parents at old age, and to be abandoned when they themselves get old.
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