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Jane on 2015-11-03
I think families that communicate are beautiful, regardless of what that communication is. Some families are very reserved and formal, others are more like friends, but as long as people are respectful and keep up with each other I think they can be a good unit.
Jordan Deffenbaugh on 2015-10-15
Loving and caring individuals that care for one another no matter what.
Eric on 2015-10-15
A beautiful family cherishes what is important in others and supports them in a positive way. It acts out of love, first and foremost.
Jordan Seneca on 2015-10-15
A beautiful family is a family where everyone is willing to support each other. A family where its ok to be sad, embarassed, unsuccesful etc. A family where everyone continuously strives to make everyone happy.
Rom on 2015-06-09
The most beautiful families are inspirational and bring positive energy to everyone around them. Some people just seem to radiate 'good vibes'. It might be a small gesture, that makes other people's day, or a generous act that shows great strength of character. These people are all around us and they don't get enough attention; they also need to be rewarded and praised in return for their good deeds.
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