Mother Is Here

  • February 28, 2014
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Mother Is Here
Mother Is Here is a 2001 film directed by Chinese director Shi Jiandu. []
Mother Is Here is a 2001 film directed by Chinese director Shi Jiandu .

Xiao Ya is a six-year-old girl whose father Yang Fan is a photographer working for a company. Two years prior to the start of the film, Xiao Ya's mother passed away from leukemia. Before her mother died, Xiao Ya's mother had written letters to her daughter which now fill up a whole box. These letters have been sent by Yang periodically to Xiao Ya after her mother's death, making Xiao Ya believe that her mother is just busy working in a far-away place and she will eventually come back to see her one day in the future. The hope and anticipation of her mother's return bring Xiao Ya happiness.

Yang is always busy with his work and at the same time he has to take care of his daughter. A woman photography journalist at a children's magazine, Ding Yi, met Yang during work. Incidentally, Ding is also a former classmate of Xiao Ya's kindergarten teacher Xiao Lu. This connection enables Ding to develop a close relationship with Xiao Ya.

One day, Xiao Ya falls ill with a fever while her father is away on a business trip. Ding takes care of Xiao Ya during the deep night and shows tender love to her, strengthening the bond between the two.

Ding and Yang eventually work together to tell a beautiful lie to Xiao Ya that Ding is in fact her mother. Everything goes well at first. But after a period of time, Xiao Ya becomes suspicious of Ding and feels so sad that she decides to leave home to find her real mother. When Yang and Ding find Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya cries and says sadly that Ding is not her real mother.

Later Ding finds the big box of letters Xiao Ya's mother wrote to Xiao Ya and is very moved. And more moving to her is when she reads an anticipated step-mother would one day appear in her daughter's life. With Yang's encouragement, Ding is determined to try again. But Xiao Ya has discovered the truth, and there is still much unhappiness to overcome. When Ding has decided to leave for a while, Xiao Ya herself comes to ask Ding to stay as her mother, for Xiao Ya is finally moved by Ding's love as she reflects on what Ding has done for her.

The film has moved millions of people to tears, due to the deep love shown in the film.

Peng Bo, Li Ding and Liu Mintao are the stars of the film.

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