Bright Sparks: Outstanding Revolutionary Women of Jinggang Mountain

August 18, 2016
Editor: Gretchen Zhou

In the last century, a group of outstanding women from all across the country gathered at Jinggang Mountain in southeast China's Jiangxi Province, to make their contribution to the Chinese Revolution. [Women Voice]

He Zizhen from Jiangxi, was the first female Party member on Jinggang Mountain. She was a secretary in revolutionary offices of Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. In 1928, she married Chairman Mao. [Women Voice]

Wu Ruolan, from Hunan Province, joined the Party in 1925. She went to Jinggang after she married her husband, Zhu De. She was not only good at calligraphy but also a master at marksmanship. On February 2, 1929, she was arrested for defending a comrade and was killed on February 12. [Women Voice]

Kang Keqing, from Jiangxi Province, joined a peasant association and the Women's Federation at the age of 15. In September 1928, she went to Jinggang Mountain after joining the Red Army. She wrote a text about how the Communist Party of China can lead Chinese women to liberation. She was former president of the All-China Women's Federation. [Women Voice]

Zeng Zhi, from Hunan Province, once changed her name to a homonym meaning "earning more guts for women". In April 1928 she went to Jinggang and took part in the famous Huang Yangjie Defending War. She was one of the few female cadres in the early stages of the revolution. [Women Voice]

Peng Ru, from Hunan Province, joined the Communist Party of China at the age of 15 and experienced the time in 1928 when the warlord Zhu De joined forces with Mao's army. [Women Voice]

Jinggang Mountain was also a gathering place for outstanding women such as Nie Huaizhuang, Yan Qingzhen, Liu Ju'e and more. They sacrificed their lives at a young age for the revolution and for their country. [Women Voice]

The Jinggang revolution opened up and ignited the revolution across the whole country. The Jinggang spirit was to pursue victory through strenuous effort with firm faith, to rely on the masses and to break new ground through practical trials. [Women Voice]


(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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