Yang KaihuiOne of the Earliest Female CPC Members

June 20, 2011
Editor: Zhao Chenxi





Yang Kaihui (1901-1930), a native of Hunan Province, was daughter of famous scholar Yang Changji and Chairman Mao Zedong's first wife. She joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League in 1920 and married Mao Zedong the same year. After joining the Communist Party of China, she followed Mao, participating in revolutionary activities, engaging in confidential matters, transportation, and communication work of the Party, as well as carrying out the movements of the farmers, the workers, the women and the students.

After the Great Revolution in 1924, Yang arranged to return to her hometown to organize underground battles. During these three years, she organized and led the armed battle at the border of Changsha, Pingjiang and Xiangyin; and she greatly enlarged the Party organization.

On October 24, 1930, Yang was arrested. Facing various brutal tortures, Yang never yielded. She boldly proclaimed: "Do whatever you want, but you will never get what you want from me. Cutting off my head is like wind blowing. Our Communists are not afraid of this!" On November 14, 1930, Yang laid down her life at an early age of 29 for the revolution.

(Source: baike.baidu.com/ Translated by womenofchina.cn)

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