Women Are a Great Force That Promotes the Progress of Civilization

September 22, 2015
Editor: Frank Zhao
Women Are a Great Force That Promotes the Progress of Civilization
Chinese President Xi Jinping [Women of China]

Women are a great force that promotes the progress of civilization. China will work together with the international community, and it will encourage women to participate in environmental protection and sustainable development.

China has the largest population of women. We have firmly carried out the State policy of gender equality, and we have advanced women's cause. We have worked to ensure women can exercise their democratic rights (in accordance with the law), take part in economic and social development and share the fruits of reform. We have also formulated and improved laws and regulations on the protection of women's rights, and we have promoted women's all-round development through legal, administrative, educational and economic measures. We will ensure the advancement of women's cause accords with economic and social progress, and that women are on an equal footing with men.

­— Chinese President Xi Jinping made the above comments during the opening ceremony of the International Forum on Women and Sustainable Development, on November 9, 2011.

China has attached great importance to women's liberation, and to the development and achievement of gender equality in different periods, and it has witnessed the historic progress of women's movement. The country needs greater contributions and wisdom from women than ever before.

Realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the general goal of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Central Government, and it is the current theme of Chinese women's movement. The process of China's development should be integrated with the promotion of gender equality, which will urge Chinese women to bear greater responsibilities.

Connecting and serving women are cardinal tasks of women's federations. Cadres of women's federations, at all levels, must learn more about the situation at the grass-roots level in order to better help women and keep their vitality in work.

Women should be encouraged to play their unique roles in passing down Chinese family virtues and forming good family traditions. Women should perform their duties of supporting the elderly and educating children to become people with elevated thoughts and abilities to serve the country. Women should also carry forward the tradition of enduring hardships, and they should keep improving themselves and lead positive and civilized lives.

— Chinese President Xi Jinping made the above comments during his meeting with ACWF's leaders, on October 31, 2013.

Families are cells of society, and the first schools we attend in our lives. We must attach importance to families and family education, and we must advocate family virtues. Good family traditions should be carried forward, by being integrated with the advocacy of core socialist values. In this way, peace in families will be ensured and families will become important foundations for the country's prosperity, the nation's progress and the harmony of society.

— Chinese President Xi Jinping made the above remarks during the Spring Festival gala, held in the Great Hall of the People on February 17, 2015.

(Women of China)

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