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March 8, 2017
Editor: Arnold Hou
ACWF Honors 10 Women with Top 'Pacesetter' Award Titles

Wang Li, founder and general-manager of Chengdu-based WestChina-Frontier PharmaTech (WCFP), has positively promoted Chinese-made medicines to the international market by bringing about innovations in drug research and development. [Women Voice]


Wang Li, founder and general-manager of Chengdu-based WestChina-Frontier PharmaTech (WCFP), won the National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter award for her remarkable achievements in China's pharmaceutical development at a gathering held by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) in Beijing on March 8.

The annual awards aim to motivate more women to proactively participate in the country's social and economic development and celebrate the arrival of International Women's Day (March 8).

Wang became interested in music and wanted to be a music conductor, composer and singer in her childhood. However, the track of her life was changed when she suffered from an infectious lung disease. She had to have her tonsils cut out and thus endured damage to her voice. After that, she gave up her dream in music.

She chose a major of medical research in the former West China Medical University, which was merged with Sichuan University in 2000, and continued her work after her college graduation in 1982, though her earlier interests lay in music.

During the first month of her overseas studies in Japan, Wang impressed her Japanese academic supervisor with her excellent research in the field of drug metabolism.

In 2000, she was assigned by West China Hospital in Sichuan University to build its New Drug Safety Evaluation Center or the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), which was an unfamiliar field to her then. However, she accepted the new task and went ahead against all odds.

Thanks to her decade-long efforts, the New Drug Safety Evaluation Center has grown into the largest in China and is one of the top 20 one-stop service platforms in the world. So far, it has completed the safety evaluation of nearly 300 medical products in clinical tests and submitted more than 30 medicines to thes U.S. Food and Drug Administration for approval.

In addition, Wang has contributed a lot to the founding of a national libratory breeding center of primate animals and a research center of human beings' critical diseases.

In fact, Wang has spent comparatively less time living together with her son, as she has being engaged in her academic studies and medical research. Her son was in second grade at elementary school when she went to Japan for further studies. Her son became a sophomore student at university when Wang completed her studies in Japan. Right now, her son is working at a futures exchange agency in the U.S. after he received his doctorate degree. Nevertheless, their relationship has been very good, evident with frequent calls between them.

Wang called on her peers to have their own dream and never give up in the face of adversities, when she was announced to be a winner of National March 8th Red-Banner Pacesetter award this year and asked to give advice to women about how to pursue success in their career development.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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