Suggestions at Provincial 'Two Sessions' Highlight Efforts in Improving Women, Children's Lives

 February 2, 2018

The provinces of Hubei, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Yunnan all recently held their annual meetings of local people's congresses and committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), known collectively as the "two sessions."

Other provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country are scheduled to begin their own "two sessions" this week.

At the meetings, provincial lawmakers and political advisors will discuss local economic and social development in the past year and make plans for the future.

During these events, several female deputies to provincial people's congresses and members of political consultative bodies, as well as directors of supervisory committees, have made constructive suggestions to improve local people's daily lives.

Hubei: Strengthen Child-Rights Protection 

Over 20 female delegates from Hubei Women's Federation (HWF) submitted a collective proposal calling on officials to strengthen rights protection for children in the province's public nursery and kindergarten system.

"The proposal lists prominent problems in Hubei's public childcare system, and also gives advice on how to better protect children in the future," said Wu Hongya, standing member of the CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee and vice president of HWF.

Wu stressed four points to enhance the protection of children so as to prevent recurrence of crimes.

Firstly, the local government should expand financial investment in the daycare system; secondly, government regulation and public oversight on child-related violence should be strengthened; thirdly, relevant departments should perfect the working mechanism and provide professional help to children; and fourthly, talent training in education should be enhanced so that children can have more qualified teachers.

Shanxi: Married Couple Urged to Cosign Rural Land Contract

At the meeting of 13th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress, Zhang Bao, a deputy and president of Shanxi Women's Federation, submitted a proposal on the protection of rural women's land rights.

The motion urged married rural women to sign land contracts so they can enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as their husbands.

Zhang noted that rural industrialization and urbanization infringed upon local women's rights and interests to varying degrees during land circulation and expropriation compensation.

She also suggested a comprehensive examination of village regulations and non-government agreements so that improper content about women’s land rights are abolished or modified.

Zhejiang: Provide Local Residents with Comprehensive Health Service

Zhou Jianhong, chief physician of the Women's Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine and a member of the CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, recently delivered a speech on women's health at a maternal and child care service center that received much popularity.

Combined with her professional practice, Zhou said climacteric syndrome has brought about huge physical and psychological harm to women, and a few natural hormones can greatly improve menopausal women's lives.

She said she hopes to publicize medical knowledge of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to more Chinese women.

Therefore, she has established a Blossom Age club and united interdisciplinary professors to organize science lectures and free treatments.

Yunnan: Children's Home 'More than Activity Center'

"Children's Home centers aim to better protect kids' growth and development, but some centers tend to be places just for fun," said Nongbuyangzong, a member of the CPPCC Yunnan Provincial Committee and vice-president of Yunnan Women's Federation.

Nongbuyangzong and other three members of the committee suggested that protecting kids against violence, maltreat and ignorance is the top priority for Children's Homes. But now most of the centers attach too much attention to developing daily services and themed activities like reading, playing games, doing exercise and celebrating collective birthdays.

As a result, delegates called on governments at all levels to prioritize child protection and encourage entrepreneurs to construct more Children's Home centers; to extract certain funds from the welfare lottery to guarantee the centers' sustainable development; and, to introduce qualified and professional groups to make up for the centers' deficiency in diversity, talents and resources.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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