Rural School Principal Dedicates to Special Education in SW China

Rural School Principal Dedicates to Special Education in SW China
Lumao Cairang [Women Voice]


A delegate of Tibetan ethnicity who is attending the current 12th National Women's Congress in Beijing, shared her stories of years of educating children with disabilities.

Lumao Cairang is principal at a Special Education School in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Gansu Province. The school has a total of 29 teachers and 104 students, all of whom consider themselves part of a big family, she says.

In 2008, during an inspection tour to a special education school in the provincial capital, Lanzhou city, Lumao was deeply touched by the good education handicapped children there received. At that time, she began to cherish the hope that disabled children in Gannan could also have access to such education.

In 2013, the first special education school was set up in Gannan, with Lumao as the head teacher.

In the school, children grow up happily while developing life habits and learning various skills. Lumao also teaches them to make beading, dance and participate in performances.

The school offers courses in Chinese, Tibetan, sign language and English.

Lumao hopes that children can learn more skills and enjoy a good education so that they can make worthwhile achievements in the future.

Lumao also has plans to set up a special restaurant in the future, where such children can be employed after graduating.

As a delegate to the 12th National Women's Congress, Lumao proposes to increase the number of obstetricians and gynecologists in minority areas and poverty-stricken regions, and pay more attention to prenatal examinations, since she hopes children can be healthy before they are born.

"The Communist Party of China Central Committee hopes women will play an important role in building family civilization and establishing good family traditions. This has pointed in the direction of my future work. I shall better perform my duties and advocate people around me to do positive work through my own actions," said Lumao.

(Source: Women Voice/ Translated and edited by Women of China)