• DaoismJuly 22, 2011Daoism is an indigenous traditional religion of China. It is generally believed that Daoist organizations were formally established 1,900 years ago by Celestial Master Zhang Daoling during the reign (AD 126-144) of Emperor Shundi of the Eastern Han Dynasty.
  • BuddhismJuly 22, 2011Buddhism is the most important religion in China. Buddhism was introduced from India into China in 6th Century AD. One of the Hen Emperors sent a mission to the west of China and brought back the scriptures, Indian monks and the images of Buddha.
  • Catholicism and ChristianityJuly 20, 2011Catholicism came to China at the end of the 13th century but disappeared soon with the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty. The real founding of Catholicism in China as a religion was achieved by the famous Italian missionary Matteo Ricci.
  • IslamJuly 20, 2011As early as the middle of the 7th century, Islam was introduced into China. Having spread and developed for 1,300 years, going through the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic Period (618-1949A.D.), Islam now has more than 20 million followers (Muslims) in China.
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