Guangxi Women's Federation Holds Latest Executive Committee Meeting

September 5, 2018
Editor: Tie Ling
Guangxi Women's Federation holds the sixth session of its 13th Executive Committee. []


Guangxi Women's Federation, in south China, held the sixth session of its 13th Executive Committee on August 24 and elected 46 candidates for delegates who will attend the 12th National Women's Congress of China.

The average age of the newly-elected was 44, with the oldest being 58 and the youngest being 26, according to officials.

Among those selected, 31 (69.7 percent) are outstanding women from different ethnicities, industries and social strata.

Some 44 of the candidates have a college degree or above, accounting for 89.1 percent of the total. Twenty-three of them are from ethnic minority groups. .

Meanwhile, two of the candidates are Chinese returnees who previously lived or studied abroad.


Attendees vote at the meeting. []
Attendees at the session []


(Source: and edited by Women of China)