Shandong Women's Federation Holds Latest Executive Committee Meeting

September 6, 2018
Editor: Wang Yue


Shandong Women's Federation in east China held the second plenary session of its 13th Executive Committee in the city of Ji‘’nan on August 29, during which 66 representatives were elected as candidates for members of the provincial delegation to attend the upcoming 12th National Women's Congress of China.

Among the 66 candidates, 45 are outstanding representatives of female workers and intellectuals from different sectors of society, accounting for 68 percent of the total.

These representatives include 21 full-time workers on women's affairs, two from ethnic minorities and one Chinese overseas returnee.

Meanwhile, 21 candidates are members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and eight are members of other democratic parties or have no party affiliation.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)