E China Province Awards 10 Model Military Wives

August 23, 2018
Editor: Shen Li

The Civil Affairs Department, provincial women's federation and other organizations in east China's Shandong Province, jointly held the 11th Model Military Wives Award ceremony on July 31.

Chen Xiaolei, one of the model military wives, was awarded for her husband's  outstanding service and her support for her family. Her family also won the national Five-virtue Families title and the Model Family for National Defense in Shandong title. 

Her husband is a guard on the border islands, and his three older generations also served there in the past. Hers and other military wives' stories touched the audiences' hearts, said officials.

Lü Jiankun, Liu Quanlan, Chen Xiaolei, Nie Wei, Du Yunqin, Sui Liping, Liu Qin, Li Ling, Liu Danjun, and Qi Binghui won the 11th Ten Model Military Wives titles, and were also honored by the provincial women's federation as Red-Banner Holders.

(Source: women.org.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)