Quotes from Premier Wen's Press Conference
2011-03-16Editor:Sun Xi 
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Quotes from Premier Wen's Press Conference

At the press conference, Wen answered questions raised by Chinese and foreign media concerning Chinese economy, reforms, and the development of the cultural sector, among others. [china.org.cn]

China Formulating Detailed Rules to Develop Non-state Economy

"The government's principle is to consolidate and develop the state-owned sector of the economy and at the same time, to support, encourage and guide the development of the private sector of the economy."

"We encourage different economic entities to compete with each other and reinforce common development."

"I don't think we have such a problem as the state-owned enterprises forging ahead while privately-held enterprises falling behind. Nor do we have the opposite problem."

Reform of Government Officials' Evaluation Criteria

"Education and science and technology are key to a country's development."

"I believe two figures are more important than GDP -- the GDP proportion of expenditure on education and the share of investment in research and development in the whole production process. Both determine the innovation capability of our country. They are the strongest, ever lasting and most reliable source of sustainable development."

"The most important measure for evaluating a government official is to see whether his region has achieved coordinated development in both the economy and social affairs and not only in quantitative economic growth."

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