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January 24, 2014
Editor: Yang Yang


Logo of Smile4Gay Action Network. []
Logo of Smile4Gay Action Network. []
Smile4Gay Action Network is an Internet power organized by anti-discrimination people and groups, who care and support Sexual orientation. We work together to push forward the friendly relations between people with different sexual orientations, and promote the public to understand and accept different homosexual tendency.

Smile4Gay Action Network has already had dozens of co-operating agencies, with supporters throughout many countries and cities.

Most of our staff are heterosexuals, all working without pay.

Our Creed

1. We support social pluralism and respect everyone's rights to enjoy freedom, equality and esteem.

2. We believe sexual orientation has nothing to do with morality, health, etc.People with different sexual orientation should have the same rights and duties.

3. We stand against all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientations, races, colors, sexes, religions, nationalities, regions and socioeconomic status.

4. We support the anti-discrimination laws to protect sexual minorities' rights on education, work, marriage, privacy, and freedom of expression, etc.

5. We advocate the government, the medical community (including psychology), media and other social institutions to promote scientific understanding of sexual orientation and push forward the elimination of discrimination.

6. We oppose any kinds of “therapy” or “conversion” on sexual orientation for any reasons, and condemn the negative impact produced by such behavior on individual physical and mental health.

7. We agree on the principle about applying the International Human Rights Law to sexual orientation, gender identity and other related matters (the Yogyakarta Principles).

The Way We Work

Based on our summary of Chinese environment and past social work experience, we work as follows.

1. We regard social advocacy and public education as the key point of anti-discrimination work.

2. We believe the best way to eliminate social discrimination is to promote scientific and rational understanding.

3. We support the creative and localized anti-discrimination action.

4. We believe the anti-discrimination action should also follow the spirit of kindness and tolerance. Listening and understanding should be our priority.


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