Chinese Culture Code: The Door to Wisdom

December 1, 2019
Editor: Wang Liyan
Chinese Culture Code: The Door to Wisdom [For Women of China]


Author: Zhong Guoxing

Publishing House: Tianjin People's Publishing House

Publication Time: October 2019


Each culture has its own logic in different ethnic groups. The logics come from the basic rules of the compound mode and expression of the information, which forms its own "codebook" of each ethnic group.

The excellent traditional Chinese culture is the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation, and it is also an important source for cultivating the core values of socialism and a solid foothold for Chinese people in the world's cultural upheavals.

What is the "codebook" of the Chinese culture? What is the essence of the Chinese culture and the Chinese way of thinking, and what ideas are really misunderstandings of it?

The author of the book uses the 10 numbers from zero to nine, which are most basic but also the most important ones, to explore the Chinese culture. By explaining the numbers' specific and rich meanings, the author analyzes the unique way of thinking in Chinese culture, providing readers with a new perspective to understand the spirit of Chinese culture. 

Zhong Guoxing, a scholar, professor and doctoral supervisor at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, is former editor-in-chief of Study Times and one member of the expert team of the Information Society 50 Forum. His published books include Social Selectivity Theory; Repainting the World  Ten New Humanistic and Social Science Theories; Upgrade Leads to Survival; Learning with Questions: Bare Face Learning; Precise and Efficient Ways of Doing Things; Chain Learning Method  Six Levels of Learning Organizations and Confucius Is a Good Teacher.


(Women of China) 

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