I Want The Life Like This

January 9, 2017
Editor: Jane Wang
I Want The Life Like This

Cover of the book titled I Want The Life Like This [Chinawriter.com.cn]


Well-known Chinese authors Che Feng and Wang Shuxing recently released I Want The Life Like This, a non-fiction book which collects inspirational stories as told by local people in Julong Town, southeast China's Fujian Province.

Che Feng, an academic from Peking Normal University, said she first started paying attention to Julong in 2013. After first carrying out some observations, she began to appreciate the simplicity of folk customs in the town, and found the local people extremely helpful.

In particular, Che was struck by locals' willingness to trust each other. For example, she saw people at the local fair put money into an open box to pay for goods.

Che said that she and Wang hope readers could later gain insight into the type of life that they would like to lead themselves after learning about the peaceful and comfortable conditions in this harmonious rural town.

(Source: Chinanews.com/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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