• A Good Mom Is Better Than a Good TeacherJune 8, 2017Author: Yin Jianli
    Publisher: The Writers Publishing House
    Description: The book integrates both Chinese and Western educational ideas. To date,...
  • See the Spring WindJune 5, 2017Author: Ge Fei
    Publisher: Yilin Publishing House
    Description: The book has won the best Chinese book award.
  • Sunshine Loses Glass WindowJune 1, 2017Author: AI
    Publisher: Beijing-based Cheers Publishing
    Description: The book is the first one written by an AI in human history.
  • The Fifth Day of the Sixth Month in the Chinese Lunar CalendarMay 31, 2017Author: Wang Jie
    Publisher: The Writers Publishing House
    Description: The book tells the writer's deep affection for her deceased grandmother.
  • Homo Deus: A Brief History of TomorrowMay 26, 2017Author: Yuval Noah Harari
    Description: The Chinese version of his new book reveals the threats posed by technology.
  • New Silk RoadMay 19, 2017Author: Yury Tavrovsky
    Publisher: The Communist Party of China Central Party School Press
    Description: The author says he sees the Belt and Road...
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