• Ode to the LotusJune 28, 2017Author: Ye Jiaying
    Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
    Description: The books depicts her reflections on things that she...
  • Me: Last Generation's Worker-Farmer-Soldier StudentsJune 28, 2017Author: Jing Yidan
    Publisher: Changjiang Literature & Art Press
    Description: The books was co-written by her 28 classmates and her and tells of...
  • Buried Fashion: Dresses; Buried Fashion: MakeupJune 23, 2017Author: Li Huiqun, Muyanshenchu
    Publisher: People's Literature and Art Publishing House
    Description: The books depict the ancient Chinese women's...
  • Anecdotes and Sayings of Xi JinpingJune 19, 2017Author: Xi Jinping
    Publisher: People's Publishing House
    Description: The book depicts President Xi Jinping's style and thoughts about governing...
  • A Good Mom Is Better Than a Good TeacherJune 8, 2017Author: Yin Jianli
    Publisher: The Writers Publishing House
    Description: The book integrates both Chinese and Western educational ideas. To date,...
  • See the Spring WindJune 5, 2017Author: Ge Fei
    Publisher: Yilin Publishing House
    Description: The book has won the best Chinese book award.
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