• 6 Halloween Books for ChildrenNovember 2, 2017Author: Erica Silverman (US)
    Publisher: Nan Hai Publishing Co.
    Description: Once upon a time, there was a witch who grew the biggest pumpkin ever, and now...
  • The Vampires of LoraniaOctober 29, 2017Author: Yang Nianhui
    Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
    Description: The book tells the story of Lorania, a kingdom of vampires, and...
  • I Came Towards the FlameOctober 17, 2017Author: Zhang Yueran
    Publisher: Beijing Union Press
    Description: The book tries to tackle issues related to the troubled sexual, marital and families bonds...
  • The Silk Roads: A New History of the WorldOctober 13, 2017Author: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World
    Publisher: Zhejiang University Press
    Description: The book tells historical development of the Silk Roads ...
  • A Muslim's FuneralSeptember 26, 2017Author: Huo Da
    Publisher: Beijing October Literature and Arts Publishing House
    Description: It tells the story of a Chinese Muslim family in the jade...
  • China Gongchepu CollectionSeptember 13, 2017
    Publisher: Art and Culture Publishing House
    Description: It documents old songs recorded in the old Chinese music system.
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