• Good Person Song MeiyongNovember 21, 2017Author: Ren Xiaowen
    Publisher: Beijing October Art Publishing House
    Description: The book tells a story about a woman who leads a hard life in Shanghai and...
  • Dian Fu Zhe (The Game Changer)November 18, 2017Author: Zhou Hongyi
    Publisher: Beijing Union Publishing House
    Description: The book features the writer's life and his business choices.
  • Children's PoemsNovember 8, 2017Author: Guo Mai
    Publisher: Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House
    Description: The book is a collection of poems written by a group of Chinese...
  • Second Volume of Xi Jinping's Book on Governance PublishedNovember 8, 2017Author: Xi Jinping
    Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
    Description: The second volume of Chinese President Xi Jinping's book on governance has been published ...
  • 6 Halloween Books for ChildrenNovember 2, 2017Author: Erica Silverman (US)
    Publisher: Nan Hai Publishing Co.
    Description: Once upon a time, there was a witch who grew the biggest pumpkin ever, and now...
  • The Vampires of LoraniaOctober 29, 2017Author: Yang Nianhui
    Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
    Description: The book tells the story of Lorania, a kingdom of vampires, and...
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