• MonsterbokaAugust 31, 2017Author: Gunvor Rasmussen
    Publisher: Beijing Xiron Books Co, Ltd
    Description: The book features 20 stories written by Norwegian children's literature...
  • Xi Jinping's Seven Years as an Educated YouthAugust 21, 2017
    Publisher: Publishing House of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee
    Description: A newly published book of the seven years that President Xi...
  • The ReaderAugust 14, 2017Author: Dong Qing
    Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
    Description: The book collects 70 interviews with guests of a popular,...
  • Icebreaker to the North PoleAugust 11, 2017Author: Bi Shumin
    Publisher: Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House
    Description: The book recounts her adventurous trip to the Arctic last year...
  • Zhongguancun NotesAugust 11, 2017Author: Ning Ken
    Publisher: Beijing Publishing Group Company
    Description: The book tells the story of how China's Silicon Valley (Zhongguancun) was...
  • When Could I Be As Brave and Strong As Plum BlossomAugust 10, 2017Author: Chen Geng
    Publisher: China Eastern Press
    Description: The book is about her personal account of favorite poems.
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