• Literary Charm of A WomanFebruary 22, 2016Author: Xu Kun
    Publisher: Red Flag Press
    Description: In "Literary Charm of A Woman," Chinese female author Xu Kun shares her feelings and...
  • Begin to Love Yourself from Your HeartFebruary 18, 2016Author: Liu Hong, Huang Li
    Publisher: China Textile and Apparel Press
    Description: The authors use dozens of fresh cases in narrative form to...
  • U.S. Teacher to Self-Publish Novel on Girlhood in IndonesiaFebruary 3, 2016Red Tiger, the debut novel by U.S. teacher-turned-writer V. J. Underwood, will be released as an e-book in March, offering a unique glimpse into gender issues in Indonesia.
  • The GroupFebruary 1, 2016Author: Mary McCarthy
    Publisher: Chongqing Publishing House
    Description: The Group, the seminal work of American feminist author Mary McCarthy...
  • I Am a BeautyFebruary 1, 2016Author: Liu Ting
    Publisher: Guangdong People's Press
    Description: Transgender first-time author Liu Ting—who was hailed as one of the Role Models of ...
  • High on the TopJanuary 27, 2016Author: Chi Zijian
    Publisher: People's Literature Publishing House
    Description: Female author Chi Zijian's gripping book High on the Top was honored ...
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