Promoting Healthy Development of Internet Literature

Author:Fan Wenjun March 14, 2018
Jiang Shengnan, an NPC deputy and Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Internet Writers' Association [Women of China/Fan Wenjun]


Jiang Shengnan, an NPC deputy and Vice-President of Zhejiang Provincial Internet Writers' Association, suggested strengthening the copyright protection of Internet literature recently.

"The environment of Internet literature is out of order, and it is challenging to guard against piracy and plagiarism. It is extremely urgent to standardize the order of this industry", Jiang said to the reporter on March 10.

For her time as an NPC deputy, Jiang focused her attention on Internet literature. She brought a proposal titled Suggestion on Protecting Originality and Promoting the Healthy Development of Internet Literature to standardize the ecosystem of Internet literature.

Internet literature, with the advent of the Internet, has developed rapidly in recent years, and has gradually grown into a literary force that cannot be ignored. It does, however, lower the threshold of literature as anyone can publish articles on Internet.

Data indicates that there are over 360 million literature netizens in China, and about 13 million Internet writers at all levels, of which six million regularly update their novels, and 600 thousand writers are signed. In addition, 40 main literary websites have stored over 14 million original novels, and the daily increase of original works is up to 150 million Chinese characters.

"Piracy and plagiarism are two main factors behind the rapid development of Internet literature and the strong momentum of marketization. Rights and interests of Internet writers' cannot be guaranteed; and the environment of Internet literature is being destroyed," Jiang said, "Internet literature is still in its 'puberty', and the quality needs to be improved gradually, so as to meet the requirements for taste, style and responsibility".

To promote the healthy development of Internet literature, Jiang suggested that, first, the authorities should strictly crack down on piracy; register and investigate malicious pirates and related websites; strengthen territorial management; form a link and efficient daily supervision system; and, maintain high pressure on piracy.

Second, the judicial organs should strengthen efforts to investigate and deal with piracy and infringement, so that Internet enterprises that infringe on copyright can be punished.

Finally, the industry should establish more professional Internet writers' organizations; form a unified and orderly management pattern; and, create a positive Internet culture.

(Women of China)


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