Charming Cheongsam

Editor:Amanda Wu
Source:Women of China English Monthly
Charming Cheongsam()

Cheongsam, originally a type of dress worn by Manchu women, has become a symbol of traditional Chinese culture. Cheongsam has also been recognized as a combination of classical beauty and modern fashion.

To display the charm of Chinese women, especially when they wear cheongsam, the Haikou municipal government, China International Public Relations Association, China Conference and Exhibition Magazine and Advanced Media organized the China International Cheongsam Cultural Festival. The event was held November 11-21, 2016, in Haikou, a city in South China's Hainan Province.

The finals of a cheongsam photography competition coincided with the event. Some 300 participants shot pictures on a beach and a tourist site in Haikou.

Chinese Beauties, taken by Yang Yajuan, a member of China Women Photographers' Association (CWPA), won the first prize. Eleven other CWPA members also won prizes.  

The following are photos by CWPA's members:

March 29, 2017