Photographer Commemorated for Distinguished Career

Editor:Zhang Ping and Lei Yang
Source:Women of China English Monthly
Photographer Commemorated for Distinguished Career()

Those Days Gone, a photo exhibition, was held recently in Beijing. The event highlighted 84 selected works of renowned photographer Shen Yantai (1939-2001).

Shen, a native of Shanghai, was a former editor-in-chief of Women's Foreign Language Publications of China and an executive member of the Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese Photographers Ltd. He was also an executive director of China Photographers Association. His works have been displayed in many countries. 

Shen was devoted to his career. He was a recognized authority on Changjiang River-themed photography, as he traveled alone, between 1976 and 1979, from the source of the Changjiang to the river's estuary. By overcoming many difficulties during the journey, he took photos of the unique scenery along the river, and he took photos of the people of the various ethnic groups who lived near the river. 

During the 1990s, Shen took many photos of hutong in downtown Beijing, before the hutong were demolished. He and his wife, Wang Changqing, compiled the photos into an album, which has provided a valuable and vivid insight into the lives of ordinary people.

February 15, 2017