Realities of Life

Editor:Amanda Wu
Source:Women of China English Monthly
Realities of Life()

Cao Xu, a resident of Beijing, began taking photos of her daily life with her cell phone five years ago. At that time, she took several photos of a tree, which she walked by every day, to record the tree's condition and surroundings throughout the seasons.

"I appreciate that cell phones can be used to take photos, as cell phone photography has led me into another world … Maybe for some people, photographs should be records of extraordinary scenes and historical events, but I want to reflect the ordinary views and moments in life with my photos," Cao says.

She makes it clear that she is not a photographer, and that the photos she takes with her cell phone, without any specific purpose, form a diary that covers a great variety of subjects in life. Cao enjoys sharing photos that reveal both simple and complicated emotions with her friends, especially via her WeChat account. 

"My photos reflect the realities of life, in different corners of our city, and they are also portraits of our own lives," Cao says.

December 31, 2016