Cultural Festival Cheongsam Held to Promote Traditional Chinese Costume

Editor:Zhang Jiamin
Source:Women of China
Cultural Festival Cheongsam Held to Promote Traditional Chinese Costume()

The 2016 China International Cultural Festival Cheongsam was held on November 17-21 in Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province, aimed at promoting the traditional Chinese costume at home and abroad.

The event was co-organized by the People's Government of Haikou, China International Public Relations Association, China Conference & Exhibition, China Art Photography Society, Advanced Media Group and Cheongsam Union League Club.

The Chinese Women Photographers Association and the Beijing Advanced Media Cultural Development Company also contributed their efforts to the holding of the event.

Cheongsam or qipao is a traditional slim-fitting Chinese dress for women, which rose to prominence in the 1920s. The dress has since become a symbol and icon of Chinese fashion and typically features a stiff collar, right side opening and a slip, revealing the beauty of the female shape.

As part of the event, the World Cheongsam Cultural Ambassador Final was also held on the same day.

Organizers revealed that the contest has attracted nearly 1,000 Cheongsam enthusiasts from different parts of the country to take part in. After several rounds of fierce competition in the past six months, a total of 70 competitors and 16 groups qualified for the final.

Through the professional judges' five hours of evaluations and marking scores, these competitors finally won their awards at the activity.

Meanwhile, a sub-forum of the event titled "Female Entrepreneurs' Culture and Business Conference" also took place that day.

The forum was designed to call on women entrepreneurs to make joint efforts to promote the development of the female cultural industry, organizers concluded.

In addition, some elites from various industries including fashion, culture and clothes shared their past few years' work experience with around 100 participating female entrepreneurs.

During the ceremony, Ye Binghua, a well-known Chinese Cheongsam designer and Yang Mingming, a famous Chinese Cheongsam artist, delivered speeches with the respective themes of "Inheritance and Innovation of Cheongsam Culture" and "How Can Women Demonstrate Their Most Beautiful Selves".

Those in attendance at the event also included Cheng Zhuo, president of China Siyuan Caring Torch Foundation; Yang Yuan, president of the Chinese National Clothes Institute; Ni Wei, director of the organizing committee of China International Cultural Festival Cheongsam; and Sui Bing, chief director of China International Cultural Festival Cheongsam.

(Women of China)

December 1, 2016