More than 100 Policemen's Wives Honored in Beijing

Editor:Jin Jin
Source:Fan Wenjun
More than 100 Policemen's Wives Honored in Beijing()

An award ceremony for 120 "Good Policemen's Wives" from around the country was held this Thursday in Beijing.

Themed "Stay by Your Side: Stories of Good Policemen's Wives," the event showed the determination, dedication, and selflessness of these wives.

Some of the honored wives shoulder the heavy burden of looking after family elders and nurturing the younger generation without complaint so as to allow their husbands full concentration on their work. Some chose to stay with their husbands even after injury or illness destroyed the once strong men despite their own struggle to maintain hope for a better future. Some, meanwhile, have been striving for self-achievement while supporting their husbands, finding a balance between family and career.

Since its launch in April, the campaign "Seeking Good Policemen's Wives" has attracted widespread public attention and the nominees have won over 200 million "likes" online. 

China's Ministry of Public Security and the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) started the campaign in response to President Xi's remarks on the importance of family building, family education and family traditions. The campaign aims to publicize stories of ordinary policemen and their wives during the process of nomination and election, thereby promoting good virtues and traditions.

Shen Yueyue, vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) and president of the ACWF, and Guo Shengkun, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, both attended the ceremony.

Jiao Yang, vice-president and member of the Secretariat of the ACWF was also in attendence, along with other officials.

October 10, 2015