Photos by US Nanny Bring Ray of Sunshine to Autumn Beijing

Editor:Jin Jin
Source:Zhang Jiamin
Photos by US Nanny Bring Ray of Sunshine to Autumn Beijing()

Photo Beijing 2015, the international cultural week which kicked off at the China Millennium Monument on October 24, features an exhibition of rarely-seen works by female U.S. photographer Vivian Maier(1926-2009).

The photos, which are being shown in China for the first time, include those taken by Maier whilst she served as a nanny and care-giver, as she did for most of her life.

Recently hailed as one of North America's most pioneering street photographers, Maier focused her daily life on capturing the ordinary moments of scenes in Chicago and New York, whilst also recording the social conventions of the 50s and 60s.

The exhibition includes 50 original photos, which is the largest of its type conducted so far, with some images from films that have only recently been developed.

In addition, organizers held a forum about Maier, in order to enhance China-U.S. cultural exchange.

Photo Beijing 2015 is divided into five sections, including the opening ceremony, a series of photo exhibitions, a photography market, a photo forum and other special activities.

The exhibition runs till November 1.

October 30, 2015