Jiang Chunlan: Female Professor Devoted to Munitions Research

July 17, 2017
Editor: Cherry Peng
Jiang Chunlan: Female Professor Devoted to Munitions Research

Jiang Chunlan (L4) receives a national award. [bit.edu.cn]

Jiang Chunlan, a professor at the Mechanical and Electrical Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT),has devoted herself to munitions research and weapons science for 38 years.

During this time, Jiang and her team have overcome many technical difficulties and made great contributions to China's national defense.

In 1979,17-year-old Jiang first enrolled at BIT. Unexpectedly, she was assigned to specialize in missile warheads, which sounded dangerous for Jiang and her parents at the beginning.

Gradually,Jiang realized ammunition engineering plays an important role in national defense and is the core of the whole weapons system. Jiang resolutely took ammunition research as her lifelong career.

"Ammunition science is highly applied, integrated and mulch-disciplinary. It requires a solid foundation in math and mechanics, various professional knowledge and engineering experience, as well as a forward-looking vision for weapons system and industry development," Jiang said.

In 1998, Jiang was selected to head a research project; two years later she was promoted to professor.

According to Jiang, the processes of explosion driving and targeting involve advanced theoretical knowledge in mechanics and high-speed collision dynamics. An ammunition designer is required to have an in-depth understanding of the entire weapons system and launch platform.

Jiang and her colleagues aim to design advanced weapons and develop ammunition with better destruction effects and more accurate targeting.

Over the years, Jiang has presided over many key scientific research projects. Her team has obtained nearly 30 patents for national defense inventions.

Particularly, one technology developed by Jiang's team won Second Prize at the 2015 National Science and Technology Invention Awards, and has been successfully applied to multiple weapons equipment.

"Ammunition with different destructive modes can be applied to hit different targets. Intelligent and smart ammunition are our research area for the future,"Jiang commented. 

Ammunition research is complicated and time-consuming. To overcome technical bottlenecks and conduct field tests, Jiang has to travel between universities, cooperative units and testing ranges across China.

The conditions of testing ranges are usually arduous, but Jiang holds a different idea. "Every time I go to a testing range,I am eager to see the results of our research and design and I don't care about anything else," Jiang explained. 

"During a major research project, our team members have to make concerted efforts and collaborate with other enterprises. In that way, our potentials are tapped and we feel more powerful and self-confident. Aligning a career with one's interests and getting devoted to work is a kind of happiness," Jiang concluded.

Jiang's story has proved that women can overcome gender restrictions and be just as good as male peers in the national military industry.

Jiang Chunlan: Female Professor Devoted to Munitions Research
Jiang Chunlan on campus [bit.edu.cn]


Jiang Chunlan: Female Professor Devoted to Munitions Research
Jiang Chunlan and her research team [bit.edu.cn]


Jiang Chunlan: Female Professor Devoted to Munitions Research

Jiang Chunlan in her office [bit.edu.cn]

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