Woman Becomes Sole Newly-recruited Female Pilot from SW China's Sichuan

July 13, 2017
Editor: Cherry Peng
Woman Becomes Sole Newly-recruited Female Pilot from SW China's Sichuan

Zhou Yi (L1) and her classmates [Zhou Yi]


Zhou Yi from Anyue Middle School, Ziyang City, southwest China's Sichuan Province, achieved the high score of 602 in China's latest college entrance exams.

Recently, Zhou became the only successful candidate from Sichuan  for the 11th batch of female pilots of the PLA Air Force. In 2017, 35 female pilots were to be recruited nationwide.

All the candidates had to go through strict political assessment, physical check-ups, and psychological evaluation. Zhou's high score has played a crucial role in her being selected.

Since she was a teenager, Zhou has aspired to be a soldier or a national defense student, but she never expected she would become a pilot.

Until the season of college entrance examinations, she learned about being a pilot and her idea won the support of her parents, who were running an eatery in Anyue County.

Zhou Yi also felt that she was "lucky" because she did not make any preparation for the pilot recruitment in advance.

"In Chengdu, a female pilot candidate has to take dozens of examination items and the check in Beijing is even stricter. I like playing badminton, running and cycling. Though the training for becoming a soldier will be harsh and hard, I think I can bear it and I would like to test myself with the troops.” Zhou said.

Zhou Shiyong, Zhou Yi's father, was very exhilarated at her daughter's recruitment.

"We are delighted and proud. Zhou has always been strong and healthy and she rarely caught a cold when she was a child. She is very courageous. At the age of three or four, we took her to the amusement park and she dared to play on all the thrilling rides," Zhou's father commented.

In the eyes of Chen Jiawu, Zhou's class tutor, Zhou was not only good at academic learning, but also outgoing and versatile. She liked singing, dancing and physical exercise.

According to Peng Jin, the director of Chengdu Pilot Selection Center under the Pilot Recruitment Bureau of the Air Force, the candidates from senior high school graduates should be aged between 17 to 20, with their height ranging from 165cm t0 185cm and weight ranging from 85 percent to 120 percent of the standard number.

In addition, the candidate should have uncorrected visual acuity over 0.8, without any vision correction surgery, and should not suffer from color blindness, color weakness or strabismus.

"Although the candidate is not required to be very robust or strong, they should be qualified in the physical tests, including some congenital factors, such as height. Their psychological quality can be trained and nurtured," Peng concluded.

(Source: Chengdu Business Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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