Elderly Woman Offers Free Tutorial Classes to Children of Migrant Workers

May 14, 2017
By Liu HongchaoEditor: Joyce Dong
Elderly Woman Offers Free Tutorial Classes to Children of Migrant Workers

Yin helps a child with his homework. [People's Daily]


A 72-year-old retired teacher from Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, has offered free after-school tutoring to over 100 children of migrant workers over more than a decade.

Yin Fengjuan is a resident of the Qiancao Community in the city's Dadong District.

Offering Free Tutorial Classes

At the primary school her granddaughter attended, over half of its enrollments' parents are farmers who moved to the city to find a job.

Due to unstable working hours, many of these parents cannot pick up their children on time.

One day at the school gate, Yin met the mother of her granddaughter's classmate who made a living as a whitewasher at a nearby job market.

"Aunty, I have work to do this evening. Could you please help me look after my child for a while?" asked the migrant worker.

"No problem. It's no big deal. I'm happy to help," Yin said.

Gradually more and more parents entrusted their children to her care, which led her to come up with the idea of giving free tutorial classes to these youngsters in her own home.

"In this way, parents can focus on their work while kids can learn more," she thought.

Yin told her husband her idea and received his immediate support.

"There were five kids in the beginning. All of them are my granddaughter's classmates. Then more and more came, and they reached over 20 at most," she said.

"They usually stay with me from first grade to sixth grade and do homework at my house. I also tell stories and play games with them.

"If the weather is good, I'll take them out for some physical exercise. Sometimes when their parents are unable to return, they will eat and live with me."

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