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August 3, 2017
Editor: Cherry Peng

Zhang Hui, president of Shandong Women's Federation [China Women's News]


Many provincial women's federations have recruited a new generation of young, educated and richly experienced senior officials in recent years.

Most recently, on July 26, Zhang Hui was elected president of Shandong Women's Federation. She worked previously as mayor of the city of Weihai and deputy mayor of the city of Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province.

Zhang's predecessor, Xing Shanping, the former president of Shandong Women's Federation, was on June 17 elected member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Shandong Provincial Committee.

A day later, Xing was appointed director of the United Front Work Department of the province.

In the past two years, the appointment of presidents of provincial women's federations has been stepped up. Here is an overview of some presidents of women's federations at the provincial and municipal levels.

Being younger and better educated

Generally, the recently-elected presidents are younger than their predecessors, some of whom were born in the late 60s or 70s.

For example, Hu Lijie (born in 1971) was elected president of Liaoning Women's Federation in November 2016. Sun Hong (born in 1970) was named president of Jilin Women's Federation in September 2016. And, Wu Xu (born in 1971) was elected president of Sichuan Women's Federation as early as in 2013.

Zhou Lining, elected president of Gansu Women's Federation in July, Liu Yongmei, elected president of  Guangxi Women's Federation in June, Yang Ling, elected president of Guizhou Women's Federation in March last year, and Zhang Hui as well, were all born in 1967.

Furthermore, most such presidents are well-educated with a master's degree or higher. Among them, Hu Lijie; Gao Xiuju, who was elected president of Henan Women's Federation in February 2016; and, Xu Feng who was elected president of Shanghai Women's Federation in 2014, hold doctor's degrees.

From grassroots and with rich experience

Many of these newly-elected female officials started to work at grassroots posts and some served as leaders of government offices at different levels.

For example, before being elected president of Hebei Women's Federation in April 2016, Jia Yuying was the director of Hebei Reception Office. Previously, she served as deputy chief of Zanhuang County, deputy Party secretary of Zhengding County, chief of Zhengding County, and deputy mayor of Chengde in north China's Hebei Province.

Hu Lijie had been deputy mayor and standing committee member of Party Committee as well as the director of Organization Department of Panjin, in northeast China's Liaoning Province before being elected as president of Liaoning Women's Federation.

Before being elected president of Jiangxi Women's Federation in November 2016, Wang Qing had been deputy mayor of the city of Yichun and Party secretary of Xinyu Discipline Inspection Committee in east China's Jiangxi Province.

Before being elected president of Guangxi Women's Federation, Liu Yongmei had been vice minister and inspector of the Publicity Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China, and she had served as the standing committee member of Party Committee, director of Publicity Department and deputy mayor of Wuzhou in the region.

Yang Ling was promoted to president of Guizhou Women's Federation from the position of vice president. Before that, she had been deputy Party secretary and chief of Ziyun Miao and Buyei Autonomous County in southwest China's Guizhou.

Gong Xiaoyan was elected president of Shanxi Women's Federation in January 2016. Before that, Gong was the deputy director of Provincial Publicity Department and director of Provincial Civilization Office. Previously, she had been Party secretary of Fengxian County and director of the county's NPC Standing Committee, as well as a standing committee member of Party Committee and director of Publicity Department of the city of Baoji in north China's Shaanxi Province.

Before Zhou Lining was elected president of Gansu Women's Federation, she had been the Party secretary of Gansu Association of Literature and Art. Previously, Zhou had been deputy mayor, a standing committee member of Party Committee, and director of Publicity Department of Lanzhou City in northwest China's Gansu Province.

Moreover, many of them had served at mass organizations. Specifically, some were former leaders of local Communist Youth League Committees.

According to a media analysis, "their rich grassroots experience and practice in different fields will weigh heavily in their further promotion on a political path."

From presidents of women's federations to new posts

The post as president of women's federation at provincial or municipal level requires excellent coordination competency as well as high consciousness in terms of politics, advance, and mass service, which provides space and platforms for women leaders' career.

Many presidents have been transferred to new positions to serve the Party and the people.

Besides Xing Shanping as mentioned before, many presidents of women's federations have been promoted to serve in the departments under the CPC Central Committee and national governmental organs.

For instance, Zhang Hui, former president of Ningxia Women's Federation, currently serves as the director of the All-China Women's Federation Network Information Center. Du Yaling, former president of Hunan Women's Federation, has served as the director of Social Management Department of Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council since August 2016.

Some presidents have taken up new posts at local governments or Party committees. For example, Su Jun, former president of Gansu Women's Federation was appointed as Party secretary of the city of Baiyin in April 2017.

Wang Gebing, former president of Guangxi Women's Federation was appointed as the Party secretary and the director of standing committee of CPC Qinzhou municipal committee in May 2017.

Ma Lanxia, former president of Beijing Women's Federation, was appointed as the director of Beijing  Audit Bureau on July 21.

Lao Hongwu, former president of Zhejiang Women's Federation, was named as president of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in April 2017.


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(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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