Female Ambassadors Contribute to Chinese Diplomacy

August 2, 2017
Editor: Alice Shang

Female diplomat Deng Ying was appointed as the ambassador to Denmark earlier this month.

She previously served as ambassador to Croatia in 2013.

There are many Chinese female diplomats who have played important roles on the international stage. Here are just a few.

Wu Xiaoqiu

Female Ambassadors Contribute to Chinese Diplomacy
Wu Xiaoqiu (left) [Provided by Wechat Account: gcxxjgzh]

Wu Xiaoqiu was appointed as ambassador to the Republic of Belarus in 1998 when she was 58.

In addition to the routine work at the embassy, she was responsible for managing Chinese leaders' visits to the country.

In 2000, Wu was informed just four days in advance that Chinese official Li Peng was to visit Belarus.

At the time, most Belarusian senior politicians were attending the UN Millennium Summit in New York.

Yet within a limited time, she contacted two chairpersons of the House of Representatives (the lower house) and the Council of the Republic (the upper house) of Belarus and got their agreement to have a meeting.

Then she rushed to get the final approval of the meeting from the president of Belarus before he left the country the next morning.

Thanks to her efforts, Li had a successful visit to the country. 

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