Medical Intern Saves Heart Attack Victim on Subway in S China's Guangdong

December 28, 2018
Editor: Wei Lingling
Medical Intern Saves Heart Attack Victim on Subway in S China's Guangdong
Wan Yalan []


Wan Yalan, a medical intern at No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, south China's Guangdong province, has received praise from the public after she bravely participated in a recent rescue on a city subway.

Wan encountered an accident in Guangzhou Metro Line 4 when she saw a man lying on the ground. One of the family members of the injured said he had fallen over suddenly.

A staff from the Metro was trying to bring him back to consciousness.

At that time, no other professionals came forward to give emergency treatment. Both the staff and his family members were at a loss.

"I've learned professional first-aid training. Let me help!" she said. Without hesitation, Wan joined the rescue.

Knowing that the staff member had sent for an ambulance, she started to check the physical condition of the injured person.

After 10 seconds of professional evaluation including taking his pulse, she diagnosed that the injured had suffered a heart attack.

Wan performed CPR promptly. Soon, the staff brought the emergency medical kit, and a passing female nurse also helped to dilate his major air passages and gave him artificial respiration.

A man who had learned first aid, along with a nurse who had came over, performed chest compressions for the injured in turn.

The chest compressions finally worked. The injured man recovered consciousness and moved his head slightly.

However, his breathing was extremely irregular, and his heart rate was slow, according to Wan's assessment.

The chest compressions went on for about one hour until the ambulance arrived.

It was hard to transfer the injured to the hospital immediately as his physical condition was unstable.

Wan squatted on the ground and performed another hour of chest compressions. Her hands were already sore and almost unable to lift.

Finally, Wan had saved the stranger from the brink of death.

"He is so young and his life had just begun. Fortunately, I was there when someone needs my help. If I just walked on without giving a hand, I might have regretted for a lifetime," said Wan.

"I didn't have time to think so much at that time. Every minute counts for the first aid," she added.

Maybe she took the risk, but it was really nothing compared to a life.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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