'Slasher' Mother Recovers from Depression by Drawing

September 12, 2018
Editor: Liu Yanmei
'Slasher' Mother Recovers from Depression by Drawing
Wen Qing [China Women's News]


A mother who saved herself from depression during her pregnancy by painting and opening an online drawing class recently shared her story with China Women's News.

Wen Qing is a standard "slasher" mother, or a mother who combines multiple careers and identities, as she runs online painting classes in her spare time while at the same time working a regular nine-to-six job.

For a new mom whose has a baby of less than one year old, Wen is happy to be constantly changing roles, even though her tight schedule makes her feel the great pressure of life.

Wen's different positions stem from depression during pregnancy.

Wen was more anxious rather than happy to learn that she was pregnant in early 2017.

She had carefully planned her career before becoming pregnant and designed not to have children until after the age of 35.

"After I fell pregnant, my company moved me from the core department to the internal department to assist other colleagues, canceling all my external business affairs," Wen recalled.

Wen admits that she has long been accustomed to a busy life. The overwhelming sense of decreased self-worth left her feeling lost and she didn't know how to adjust. This also became a precursor to her depression.

"I went to see a psychiatrist on the sly and the doctor told me that I had depression," Wen said.

"I really did not want to feel anxious anymore at that time. I tried every possible means to make myself relaxed, only to find it of little use," Wen added.

It is not until one day when she pulled out the dusty drawing board and painting tools from underneath her bed did she remembered that painting was once one of her hobbies.

From then on, Wen began to paint every day.

"I think drawing is a process of sinking into my mind and thinking. I feel that this process enables me to find myself again," said Wen.

Painting helped her out of her depression quickly. Gradually, her friends encouraged her to teach people drawing by opening an online class.

As her classes were communal teaching without any online aids, Wen ran her drawing class throughout her pregnancy. Therefore, her pregnancy was busy but fulfilling.

Wen did not give up her favorite hobby after giving birth.

Moreover, in painting, she gained a sense of achievement through continuous research, combing her tutorial system and cooperating with other painting teachers.

Now, after painting for more than 220 days on end, Wen is still quietly influencing others. In her 2018 wish list she wrote: "I hope to influence more than 100,000 people to ignite their passion for painting."

Wen said she was glad that she could picked up the painting brush again after depression and influenced others by way of her own actions, which is the best recognition for her.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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